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Noopept is considered a part of racetam family.  It boosts cognitive function and also causes psycho- stimulation. A synthetic nootropic molecule, N-phenyl acetyl-L-prolyl glycine ethyl ester is responsible for all the nootropic effects, a brand name for which is Noopept.

As compared to racetam, it is several times more efficient, and taken in small doses. It can significantly help people suffering from cognitive or physical trauma.

Noopept can also improve the motivation levels for some, but for others, it may have no effect at all. Noopept can also reduce oxidative stress. Therefore, it is can also help improve overall brain function. It can help people who have Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other age-related memory dysfunction. It can also revert the memory loss due to hypoxia, i.e. when oxygen supply to the brain is depleted.  Many short-term, as well as long-term users, report benefits related to memory, alertness, concentration, learning abilities, focus, brain fog, mood enhancement, improved creativity, reduced anxiety and other brain functions.

Noopept has a low toxicity level, and is tolerated by almost everyone. Although Noopept is widely reported to have therapeutic effects for many people, it cannot precisely be determined how effective it can prove for a particular person. It all varies depending on lifestyle, current cognitive abilities, diet, emotional stress and many other factors.

 Benefits & Effects

Improved Memory Retrieval and Learning Ability

It is known to remove the brain fog, improves memory function and reduces recalling issues. With an improvement in recalling abilities. It helps people with long-term memory issues and allows people to recall relevant information easily.

Problem Solving Skills

It can improve the problem-solving skills as it increases the levels of acetylcholine in the brain, which is a major neurotransmitter. With an increase in the number of neurotransmitters available for solving different problems, it becomes significantly easier.

Effective for Memory Formation

Along with memory retrieval, Noopept also helps in memory consolidation. It not only lets you quickly register new things but also allows you to save them for a long time. That’s how it makes learning new concepts easy and also keep them safe in your memory for a very long time.


Oxidative stress is a major factor that causes damage to the brain. Noopept can help protect the brain from oxidative stress and in certain cases even reverse the damage caused by oxidative stress. Improved protection of neurons also leads to better cognitive function. As new cells form quickly and old cells are living longer, more cells become available for better brain function.

NGF(Nerve Growth Factor)

NGF or Nerve Growth Factor is responsible for the growth of new neurons and synapses. New neurons are necessary to take the place of the neurons that die. Synapses are required for passing signals without restrictions and smooth functioning of the brain in all the ways.

Anti-Oxidant Properties

It is important to flush away potentially damaging substances in the brain, such as excessive calcium. Noopept neutralizes free radicals and protects the brain from oxidative damage.

Reverse The Effects Of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Noopept can also help in the reversal of the effects caused by drug or alcohol abuse over a period. Drugs and Alcohol Abuse build up an excess of garbage in the brain that requires neutralization and needs to be flushed out of the system.

BDNF(Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor)

Noopept can increase BDNF function which improves neuron function and improves their growth in the brain. BDNF is also responsible for the protection of nerve cells from premature death. Low levels of BDNF are often linked to cognitive ailments like Alzheimer disease.


It improves cerebral vascular damage caused due to a traumatic experience faced by a person, and it can reduce the effects of chronic stress. It is also known to reduce the symptoms of learned helplessness which is responsible for causing depression in most cases.

Mood Enhancer

Many people report reduced anxiety, faster and clear thinking, being more sociable and feeling good generally.


For some people, it can help increase their attention span and focus better wherever they need to. Due to the reduction of brain fog and availability of a greater number of neurotransmitters, some people find it helpful with the ability to focus.

  How It Works

Within 15 minutes, it reaches the brain in significant concentrations and starts showing its effects. This drug also has a very high bioavailability which means it is readily available for absorption and most of it will come into circulation.

Noopept reacts to the AMPA receptor sites in the brain. It prevents the breakdown of Glutamate, which is a neurotransmitter. This prevention of breaking down of glutamates provides the cognitive benefits like reduced brain fog, improved concentration, etc. Binding of Noopept to AMPA receptors allow the glutamates move freely between the brain cells and improves brain plasticity and improves its function.

Noopept is known to increase alpha-wave function in almost all tested brain regions. In the right cortex and hippocampus, it increases the beta-1 wave function and decreases the delta function. Its overall effect on the brain is an improvement in the cognitive function.

  Side Effects


Noopept can cause nausea to many people who take large doses or use it longer than the recommended duration. Generally, it does not cause any gastrointestinal issue as it is consumed in minuscule amount.


It may increase irritability in some people. People suffering from sleep disorders were particularly prone to the side effects of irritability as Noopept is a psychostimulant. Inability to sleep may increase irritability further in individuals who consume Noopept.

Allergic Reaction

Some people may also be allergic to this Noopept. Therefore, it is important, to begin taking small doses and increase doses gradually after ensuring that you are not allergic to it.

Hypertension Patients

People who are suffering from hypertension need to consult their doctor before using this drug. Their body might not react well to the stimulation caused by this drug.

Pregnant and Lactating Women

Pregnant and Lactating Women should avoid consuming Noopept. In case they feel a strong need, they should consult their doctor first.


Noopept is available in the powder as well as tablet form. Recommended dosage for Noopept is up to 10-30mg per day, in one dose or two doses. The cycle completes on the 56th day, and after that, it must be stopped to reduce the tolerance developed by the body.

As Noopept is a highly potent drug, you must begin with the small doses of 5mg and then increase them slowly. You can increase them to 10mg dose twice per day within a week, and this is the recommended dosage for long term use. It is important to remember that you must never take a dose greater than 60 mg in a day. It can cause over stimulation of Glutamate receptors and cause side effects such as nausea, irritability, and hyper-alertness.

 Where to Buy

Noopept is legal for purchase in the USA and Canada. For other countries, please research the laws in your country.

There are only a handful of suppliers for noopept and it is advised to only purchase from reputable sellers. We recommend you can purchase noopept online through as they are a trusted seller of nootropics and their supplements are all verified by 3rd party labs to ensure purity.

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