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Oxiracetam is a nootropic drug under racetam family that improves the cognitive abilities of an individual including their concentration, sensory perception, learning capacity, memory and logical thinking. It comes in powder form which makes it easy to consume as it is soluble in water.

Studies in medicine have shown that oxiracetam is a stimulant that helps increase motivation, alertness and mental energy. Oxiracetum is a suitable drug for people who are preparing for tests or presentation and need a short term solution. Despite its ability to improve memory and concentration, research has shown that the benefits of oxiracetam are normally short lived. However, scientific studies have shown that this drug can improve brain health in the long run.

Oxiracetam was developed in 1970 as a derivative of piracetam which is a member of the nootropic drug. Oxiracetam is known to be five times stronger than other piracetam drugs. Although it is popularly known for its ability to improve memory and other cognitive abilities, studies have shown that oxiracetam can be used as a treatment for memory loss which is caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

Despite its many health benefits, oxiracetam has not been approved by USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) for medical treatment in the US. Other countries like Canada, United Kingdom and Australia have not approved the use of oxiracetam in their own jurisdiction.

 Benefits & Effects

Oxiracetam is a popular nootropic recognized for its cognitive enhancing properties. Any nootropic users should use oxiracetam because of the following capabilities: Memory is enhanced when you use oxiracetam. Your memory improves including long term memory which helps you recall information better. It is also known to increase the speed we recall information including memory retention. That is why oxiracetam is common among students taking exams. Oxiracetam is known for increasing users’ concentration while studying a subject without losing focus or attentiveness.

Enhanced mental and physical energy

This happens when oxiracetam acts as a mild CNS (central nervous system) stimulant which in turn improves users’ mental and physical energy.

Enhanced learning

Sttudies have shown that oxiracetam makes learning easier and faster by improving spatial and contextual abilities in users. It is also known to improve logical and analytical reasoning.

Sensory perception

Oxiracetam users have reportedly said that their sound and visual perception have improved as a result of taking this drug. This might be true because the left brain functions when users take oxiracetam.

 How It Works

There is no specific study which shows how oxiracetam works but it is believed to work like other members of racetam supplements by stimulating primary neurotransmitters and modulating the manufacture and release of specific brain chemicals. It is presumed that oxiracetam works by influencing the action of acetylcholine and glutamate which are the two common neurotransmitters. Both of them are important in learning, memory and other cognitive function.

Oxiracetam action is similar to racetams such as piracetam but its effect is long lasting and more potent. Just like other nootropics oxiracetam requires high levels of choline to function well. Choline is responsible for production of acetylcholine which is the most important component for oxiracetam to function. Oxiracetam is known to act as a central nervous system stimulant. This is because oxiracetam is an ampakine which is a compound that interacts with glutamatergic.

Although ampakines are known to be stimulants, they do not have the many side effects associated with stimulants like anxiety and sleeplessness which is common with stimulants such as caffeine. It has been shown that oxiracetam can enhance neuronal communication by affecting metabolism of lipids while stimulating release of D-Aspartic acid. This action in turn improves neural signaling.

 Side Effects

Excessive dosage of oxiracetam can result in adverse side effects the most common being headache. It is recommended that users take choline supplement in addition to oxiracetam to avoid any chance of headache occurring. In fact, studies show that headache does not occur if users increase choline while taking oxiracetam. Oxiracetam may interfere with sleeping pattern if taken too late at night. That is why it is recommended you take it 6 to 7 hours before going to bed. Nausea, dizziness and gastric distress are other problems which may happen if users take oxiracetam in overdose. There are reported cases of users experiencing these symptoms even after taking oxiracetam in small doses. When this happens, it is recommended you stop the dosage for a few days to allow your body to get back to normal.

There are rare cases where users have suffered from insomnia and nervousness. However, these symptoms disappear quickly after the body adjusts itself to dosage intake. There are no serious side effects reported as a result of taking oxiracetam but it should always be administered with caution. Always talk to a doctor first before using oxiracetam especially if you are taking other drugs.


Most people who use oxiracetam use it as a cognitive supplement rather than as a prescription drug. To avoid any side effects, medical practitioners recommend specific dosage schedule which is safe. However, there are no reported cases of adverse side effects as a result of using oxiracetam even in high doses. Despite this it is important for users to understand that this is a very potent drug thus it is important you follow the right dosage.

Daily dosage varies significantly starting from as low as 800mg to as high as 2400 mg or more per day. Although there is no reported risk associated with overdose, it is advisable for beginners to start at the lower end and increase the dosage gradually. It is important users take oxiracetam in intervals throughout the day because its half life is around 3 to 4 hours. This is considered to be safe and effective dosage.

For example if you are taking 2400mg of oxiracetam a day, you can take it in 3 doses of 800mg. Doctors recommend that we take one dose of oxiracetam after breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are no studies which show the benefits of taking oxiracetam with meals; however, it should be taken an hour or so before a learning activity. It is important you take the dose 6 to 7 hours before going to bed to avoid night stimulation.Oxiracetam is soluble in water meaning that it can be taken in powder or capsule form or with food as it mixes readily. It is available in both capsule and powder which makes it easy to divide in intervals.

Some users are known to take oxiracetam in high dosage so that they can have maximum effects in the shortest time. For example students studying for exams. However, high dosage of oxiracetam can result in undesirable side effects such as mild or severe headaches depending on size of dosage. To be safe, make sure you consult your doctor before taking high doses.

 Where To Buy

 Oxiracetam is legal for purchase in the USA and Canada. For other countries, please research the laws in your country.

There are only a handful of suppliers for oxiracetam and it is advised to only purchase from reputable sellers. We recommend you can purchase oxiracetam online through AbsorbYourHealth.com as they are a trusted seller of nootropics and their supplements are all verified by 3rd party labs to ensure purity.

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