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Phenibut is a nootropic commonly used to reduce anxiety. A few other nootropics cause anxiety as a side effect, and phenibut is usually used as a stacking option to counter this effect. It can improve cognition on its own, but its effect is very low compared to alternative nootropics.

The drug was invented in the former USSR in the 1960’s. At the time, its main purpose was to improve the mood of cosmonauts before they went to space. Russian cosmonauts are still required to have the drug. It is currently used for different reasons by a wide variety of people around the world.

The drug is mainly known for its ability to reduce stress and social anxiety. Generally, it enhances moods. People with sleeping disorders such as insomnia also use it to improve their sleep. As a nootropic, phenibut also helps to improve cognitive abilities, although most people do not use it solely for this purpose.

Phenibut is rather safe for use. However, it should not be overused as this may lead to unconsciousness. It is important to stick to the recommended dosage, and not use it every day. Too much use of this drug can also lead to addiction. If you exceed the recommended dosage, you will experience an effect close to that of taking alcohol since the two drugs affect the same areas of the brain. The dosage recommended for falling asleep is higher than that recommended for managing anxiety.

Phenibut is still a controlled substance in many places around the world. The reason behind this is that it has not been well studied by international organizations. Although it is legal in many Western countries, the drug is not regulated by international bodies. You can order it without a prescription.

 Benefits & Effects

Phenibut is sold as an anti-anxiety drug and as a nootropic. However, most people simply use it to improve their mood by helping them get rid of stress and anxiety.

It leads to an improvement in brain function. This includes an increase in concentration and motivation. However, cognitive enhancement is not a major role of this drug. Many other nootropics have much stronger cognitive enhancement properties.

It helps to improve the quality of sleep. People who live stressful lives find it harder to fall asleep, and even when they do, they do not sleep soundly. Since phenibut helps to alleviate stress, it also helps people fall asleep better, and wake up feeling better.

It helps to reduce social anxiety.

 How It Works

According to scientists, the drug has a similar structure to the brain chemical gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). This is a chemical whose work is to reduce the effect of chemicals that stimulate neurons, thus helping to reduce anxiety. Phenibut simply stimulates GABA receptors, thus helping to restore balance in the neurons. This makes a person feel more relaxed and calm.

In addition, the drug stimulates dopamine receptors, which leads to a general good feeling.
Since it improves a person’s mood, productivity throughout the day is also enhanced.

 Side Effects

 Although phenibut has been around for decades, it’s effects have not been well studied outside Russia. That being said, there is more than enough feedback from past and current users to help conclude that it is not dangerous.

First, although the drug is meant to promote proper sleep, it does the exact opposite to some users. Most users experience comfortable sleep and wake up without any feeling of tiredness. However, some have reported having nightmares and very vivid dreams.

Another side effect is drowsiness. This is usually the result of taking an overdose of the drug, and can even lead to slower cognition. If you ever experience this, all you need to do is to reduce the dosage.

It is also possible to develop a dependence on phenibut. This is why it is advisable to take it in a cycle. If you are taking it for several months, you need to spend a few weeks in between without the drug. Alternatively, you can have a few days every week when you stay free of the drug. In fact, professionals advice against taking the drug more than twice in a week. That way, you will also not develop a tolerance to the drug.

If you are on other drugs, you should consult your doctor before taking phenibut. Also, you will need to avoid alcohol for as long as the drug is active in your body. Most professionals advice users to stay away from alcohol for at least one day after the effect of the drug wears off.


Phenibut is usually taken orally. Unless you are with a professional, you should not take it through an injection. As a new user of the drug, you should start with the minimum dosage, and increase it to the maximum over time if necessary. This will help you assess the effect of the drug on your body, and will also help you prevent the development of serious levels of tolerance.

The daily recommended dose of phenibut is between 250mg and 1000mg. The drug has a long half life, and you will not need to take a second dose within the day. Usually, it lasts for a minimum of 6 hours. In some people, it can even last for a whole 24 hours.

The drug can be taken as a powder or as capsules. The powder needs to be dissolved in a liquid which is then drunk.

Phenibut is a very common stacking option for people who need to reduce their anxiety issues, while improving their general cognitive abilities. Some strong nootropics make users restless and anxious, and the users can benefit from stacking with phenibut. Some people are also naturally stressed, and this drug can help maximize the effect of other nootropics.

 Where To Buy

Phenibut is legal for purchase in the USA and Canada. For other countries, please research the laws in your country.

There are only a handful of suppliers for phenibut and it is advised to only purchase from reputable sellers. We recommend you can purchase phenibut online through as they are a trusted seller of nootropics and their supplements are all verified by 3rd party labs to ensure purity.

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