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An Introduction to Nootropics

The first nootropic drug was found in the 1960’s.  In 1971 the first studies on piracetam as a nootropic drug that could improve memory. With the advent of this drug, the term “nootropics” was actually coined by Romanian doctor named Dr. Corneliu Giurgea. With his tests on piracetam.

Since then, the studies of piracetam have been done all around the world.  Understanding whether racetams can help to improve memory with choline, testing neuro protective benefits with Alzheimer’s patients, and much more.
However, this was but a small fraction of the nootropic drugs studied over the past few decades.

Nootropics Today

People are realizing that the nootropic drugs are far more useful and less risky than ever. many decades of tests have proven how important the drugs can be not only for people who want to enhance their lives, but also those who want to just be healthy in general.

Neuro enhancing drugs can be incredibly effective for anyone. Just a few years ago it wasn’t popular to get these drugs outside of a prescription.

What Made Me Take the Plunge

I’ll be going over a few nootropics supplements that i have tried, and giving them reviews.  I created this site because i love the idea of cognitive enhancement, as well as the neuroprotective properties of nootropics.  I’m here to share my experiences and findings of various nootropics to figure out which will be best for you.

For me taking the plunge into nootropics was an easy one.  I just didn’t know where to start.  It can seem overwhelming initially.  Piracetam was an easy choice for me.  It has been around for over 50 years, so I knew it was a time tested supplement.
Finding a good supplier of nootropics was a difficult decision.  I wanted quality product at a reasonable price.  I did alot of searching online before I actually bought anything.
Here’s a list of a few suppliers I have used before.
All are located in the US and trusted vendors known for quality and purity.
Absorb Your Health (absorbyourhealth.com)
Peak Nootropics (peaknootropics.com)
Nootropics Depot (nootropicsdepot.com)
Pure Nootropics (purenootropics.net)
 These suppliers all sell most of the supplements I will mention.  Some like Modafinil you will need a prescription for.  There are a few like L-theanine, Choline, and Ginko Biloba that can be found at amazon.com or your local grocery store.  Usually with the other vitamins and supplements.

What to Look for In Suppliers

  •  Quality Control: The most important factor to consider when ordering nootropics. Products will ensure both your health and safety. The best suppliers use in house testing as well as third-party test for quality and purity.
  • Availability: There are a wide range of vendors and variety of supplements available.Many suppliers offer both bulk powder or capsulized versions.  Some carry both as well as some premade stacks.
  • Pricing: Prices can vary considerably from site to site so do some research before you purchase.  Some suppliers offer discounts for bulk or wholesale purchases, as well as coupons for new customers, and free shipping over certain dollar amounts.  Finding out what option works best for you can save you some money initially, and over the long term.
  • Shipping: Depending on where you are ordering from this can be a deciding factor. Especially if you are ordering from a vendor outside of your country.  Be sure to check their website for specific information, but most trusted vendors do offer international shipping.  Each website should contain a list of available countries, and substances that cannot be shipped to certain locations.

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